In these uncertain times, it may feel like the entire world has shrunk to the size of a computer or smartphone. After all, credit union members are interacting with credit unions primarily through mobile apps due to social isolation guidelines. Mobile platforms have gained more power as make-or-break channels for attracting and retaining members, and computers and smartphones continue to command more of everyone’s daily lives.

Sharetec’s Home and Mobile Banking allows your members to:

· View Account Transaction History
· Manage and Pay 3rd CC Accounts
· Stop Payments
· Lock/Unlock Debit Cards
· Transfer Funds Between Accounts

Sharetec Home & Mobile Banking also allows your members access to additional products:

· ProPay
· Picture Pay
· Flex Pay
· Portal Pay
· P2P Payment Tool
· Loan Applications
· Remote Deposit Capture

Empowering your members to complete their banking tasks from the safety of their own homes is great way to support your community and your members.

ST DocumentManagerGBS

Most of us would love to rid ourselves of the mounting stacks of boxed documents, overstuffed filing cabinets and jam-packed storage areas. With Sharetec’s Document Manager, you can do just that!

This innovative feature allows you to electronically store in the core all of your member-related forms and documents including:

  • Loan Applications
  • Credit Reports
  • Membership Cards
  • Share Draft Agreements
  • And so much more!!

Sharetec Document Manager also provides easy retrieval of documents without ever leaving the core. By simply selecting the member number, you’ll be able to access every document for that member, from one location in the system—without having to search for loan folders or membership cards!

Sharetec Document Manager will enable you to:

  • Save the expense of off-site storage
  • Immediately access documents
  • Eliminate the need to make multiple copies of documents for different departments
  • Reduce the amount of time spent filing/retrieving documentation
  • Easily and immediately reprint copies of signed documents
  • Centralize member documentation into one convenient location

Imagine the convenience, efficiency and savings of both time and money your credit union can enjoy, with everything accessible from the core and literally at your fingertips. It’s time to launch the out-of-this-world advantages of Sharetec Document Manager!

Members will have the ability to apply for membership over the internet at anytime from anywhere with Sharetec’s Online Member Services.

Sharetec’s Online Member Services validates identity, providing a secure solution and reducing fraud in the online application process, while evaluating the products and services your member applies for and making suggestions at a time when the member is most likely to respond—during the enrollment process!

  • Allow new members to enroll

  • Allow existing members to apply for loans and new shares

  • Anytime, anywhere 

Sharetec’s Online Member Services portrays a professional image, connecting to the members who rarely come into the office. Not only is it easier enrollment, it reduces fraud via its secure application process and validates identification. It’s simple, secure, and convenient - saving you time and money!


In our recent Blog Post “2021 Technology Trends - What’s in your Strategic Plan?”, listed were several considerations that should be at or near the top of every credit union’s budget for 2021. During the past year, efforts were largely focused on transitioning to a remote workforce while making steps to bolster digital solutions offered to members. As the industry moves forward in continuing with this digital transformation a primary concern that needs to remain up front of every decision is ensuring the security of member data.

According to a recent study by Juniper Research, it is anticipated that there will be a 70% increase in cyber-related crimes by the year 2024. With this in mind, credit unions will need to find a balance between providing their members with the latest and greatest digital solutions and protecting member data. The costs of building an effective IT Security program can certainly be daunting, however they can pale in comparison to the costs associated with a malicious cyberattack. Below are just a few initiatives to get started building a more effective security program:

Establish partnerships with third-party providers that have the experience and scale to help mitigate risk
For most credit unions, hiring their own IT Security professionals and providing ongoing training simply isn’t affordable. There are many third-party providers that understand your concerns and can provide the expertise, tools and industry knowledge to mitigate risk.

Complete an IT Risk Assessment
A comprehensive risk assessment is critical in identifying risk that you may not even realize exists. Ensure that each business function is identified and potential level of risk is evaluated. IT Security Policies and procedures are then established based on the level of risk identified.

Move to the Cloud
Moving Core Processing Systems and other applications to the cloud provides many benefits including cost savings, enhanced disaster recovery, better collaboration among users and significantly improved data security.

Step up your Cyber Security Training
Security awareness training for your staff is the most cost-effective way to mitigate risk of breaches and incidents. It is estimated that 32% of all breaches involve some form of phishing attempt. With more staff working remotely it is more important than ever before to provide staff with ongoing training.

By some estimates, up to 30% of the workforce will be working-from home at-least two days per week by the end of 2021. Hackers are opportunistic and over the past few months, many companies have had to quickly transition from a traditional in-person office to and hackers are now using this shift in remote work to prey on unsuspecting and unsecured devices making IT Security more important than ever. As John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco Systems, once said, “There are only 2 types of companies: those that have been hacked and those who don’t know they’ve been hacked yet.”

Sharetec Systems is a leader in new core system installations over the last ten years and is one of the top selling credit union software packages with over 250 credit unions using our products every day. Sharetec offers a Tier III Data Center, designed to lower your initial investment and provide you with peace of mind.

25 Ann

Sharetec is pleased to announce the milestone anniversaries of five of its most esteemed business partners in 2021. Formed over a quarter century ago, these impressive partnerships remain invaluable to us and we are proud to continue to support their success:

Slippery Rock University Federal Credit Union of Slippery Rock, PA, celebrated its 25th anniversary with Sharetec in January - a great way to begin 2021!

Genesis Employees Credit Union of Zanesville, OH, is another 25-year partner, joining the Sharetec family in March of 1996.

Latrobe Federal Credit Union of Latrobe, PA, also chose to implement the Sharetec solution 25 years ago in March.

Natco Credit Union of Richmond, IN, is yet another client celebrating its 25th anniversary with Sharetec in March.

Health Care Credit Union of Oshkosh, WI, will be commemorating 25 years as a Sharetec customer in May.

We are proud of how these mutually beneficial business relationships have blossomed, helping each credit union thrive while enabling Sharetec to continually improve its innovative solution year after year.

As one of the top industry leaders in the development of credit union software, Sharetec recognizes each of these long-term customers as also being industry leaders. They have utilized the system to their advantage, greatly improving functionalities and efficiencies along the way. So, while we consider longevity a great accomplishment, we view successful longevity as even better, as proven by these stellar financial institutions.

Congratulations to each of our 25-year customers! Sharetec looks forward to continuing to support the success of its current clients and to further enhancing our solution so we can meet the needs of even more credit unions in the years ahead.