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We would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to Pittsburgh Firefighters’ Federal Credit Union (FCU) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for reaching an exciting milestone with Sharetec!

For 10 solid years, our friends at Pittsburgh Firefighters’ FCU have been benefiting from Sharetec’s innovative core processing solution¾which says a lot about their loyalty, as well as the platform’s numerous advantages in helping the credit union build upon its success.

The financial institution opened its doors on April 1, 1935, as the Pittsburgh Fireman's FCU, serving all City of Pittsburgh Firefighters and their families. On April 11, 1988, the credit union was granted permission from the NCUA to change its name to the Pittsburgh Firefighters' FCU. Then on June 28, 2018, they were approved to accept 17 new VFD and EMS companies located within Allegheny County. Since then, Pittsburgh Firefighters’ FCU has continued to expand its family and prides itself on its ability to meet the needs of its growing membership. Backed by the support and leading-edge features and functionality of the Sharetec system, the credit union is well-equipped to go above and beyond as members’ demands continue to change and grow.

We are so pleased that Pittsburgh Firefighters’ FCU is prospering, and thrilled that we are playing a role in helping them achieve greater efficiency for both its employees and members. We congratulate everyone at Pittsburgh Firefighters’ FCU on 10 wonderful years and wish them a future filled with continued success and growth!

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Credit union members have a very different financial journey from that of customers of a standard bank. They want to feel a part of the business that they trust with their money. They want a different level of engagement and sense of ownership.

Adoption of mobile banking by consumers has been on a slow but steady increase for more than a decade. The rise of COVID-19 forced people of every age and social demographic to shelter-in-place, which in turn has caused mobile banking usage to soar. The need to manage and move money easily, while doing so remotely, has significantly changed consumer behavior.  What does this mean for credit unions?

For years, digital and mobile banking technologies have been considered a “nice to have” for credit unions. But now, these technologies have changed from being a “nice to have” to a “must have.”

This gives credit unions an opportunity to revisit their approach to member service. The most effective solutions to these challenges will be ones that put consumers first, in a way that enables credit unions to remain distinct and retain their core values. Sharetec has a myriad of products from Home and Mobile Banking to Remote Signatures that enable credit unions to remotely provide the connection and funds management that they have come to expect. To learn more, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sharetec customer, Members First Credit Union in Madison, WI, shares their story about Operating without Change

When I started at Members First 6 years ago, I will not lie I thought it was crazy that we did not have change in the teller drawers.  Nick Kessenich, President of Members First at the time, always responded, “what can I say we don’t have any cents!”. His joke has come to be a real lifesaver in these crazy times. 

The way it works is:

A member has a check for $20.20 and wants to cash it, we deposit the $.20 into their account and give them the $20.00. If a member is closing their account and asking for cash, we have a small amount of change in the vault that the teller does a GL posting to offset if they need to use it.

Most of our members are so used to it that it is second nature now. New members, we explain it to them when they open the account. We do accept change deposits and run it in our coin machine to deposit into their account.

It saves our tellers the time of balancing change, and dealing with small offages in their drawer, and the best part, we do not need to buy any change from the Fed.

Jenny Kutz, President of Members First Credit Union

How well does your credit union embrace the youth within your organization?

Sharetec customer, Tyler Valentine, President and CEO of Laramie Plains Community FCU, shares his story with CU Today about the importance of embracing youth or risk of losing relevance with the younger members.

“As more young people enter the workforce, credit unions need to respond to a different view of work-life integration. If credit unions don’t respond to this challenge, they risk losing out on an entire generation of talent.”

To read CU Today’s full article, “The Other Inclusion Issue Vital to the Future,” click here.

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Have you been able to focus on growth since the pandemic began? Sharetec customer, Natco Credit Union, has shifted from emergency mode to focusing on growth. Cindy Duke, President of Natco Credit Union, shares her philosophy on being able to forgive nearly $19,000 in interest on 60 loans for members who were affected. Mobile deposit member usage and the virtual loan application process has increased during this time of crisis as well. In return, Natco Credit Union has been able to grow even through these difficult times.

Check out the full story from CU Times, “Natco CU’s CEO Sees Lessons & Positive Changes in Virus Era.”