To prevent the use of a particular transaction code, unmark the online flag in Transaction Code Properties in the Administration menu under TX codes. Never delete a transaction code.

When looking for information, click in the gray area of any header record to sort the field either alphabetically or numerically. Sorting first can cut search time down when looking for something specific.


Members will have the ability to apply for membership over the internet at anytime from anywhere. You can automate and streamline office processes saving you time, as well as providing exceptional support and service to your members. Sharetec’s integrated cross selling tools evaluate the products and services your member applies for and makes suggestions at a time when the member is most likely to respond – during the enrollment process!

  • Assist with security by validating identification.
  • Reduce fraud via its secure application process.
  • Convenience – faster and easier enrollment.
  • Portrays a professional image, connecting to the younger members who rarely come into the office.

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It’s time for you to replace your old account-driven system with a new relationship-driven system that will allow you to expand your relationship with your members.

Update Your System Today

  • Reach your members online.
  • Increase automation by reducing manual tasks.
  • New ways to increase non-interest income.
  • Spend most of your time in one screen.
  • Attract new members with online member enrollment.

Changing from your old system to Sharetec, the core system with an ROI, will open new doors for tomorrow.

Legacy Core Systems Often More Bang Than Whiz: Opinion


The system allows users to select abbreviations for commonly used phrases on the system, called Quick Text. When the phrase is needed in any freeform text portion of the system, the user can type the abbreviation and hit the insert key to complete the phrase.  Abbreviations can be set up in the tools section under Quick Text or “Control Q”. An example of a freeform text area is Collections. Users can set up “LM” for left message and when they need it just type LM and press the insert key.