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Have you been able to focus on growth since the pandemic began? Sharetec customer, Natco Credit Union, has shifted from emergency mode to focusing on growth. Cindy Duke, President of Natco Credit Union, shares her philosophy on being able to forgive nearly $19,000 in interest on 60 loans for members who were affected. Mobile deposit member usage and the virtual loan application process has increased during this time of crisis as well. In return, Natco Credit Union has been able to grow even through these difficult times.

Check out the full story from CU Times, “Natco CU’s CEO Sees Lessons & Positive Changes in Virus Era.”


The present-day environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic has made the digital customer experience more vital than ever. An important part of this experience is the ability to capture the data and legally-binding signatures of your members remotely. We’re pleased to offer AlphaTrust® e-Sign, an iPipeline® product, as a means to facilitate the collection of these documents. AlphaTrust integrates seamlessly into your technology stack, which means there is no passing documents “outside” to a third-party for completion. Leading a member out to a separate system is unintuitive and presents poorly. This solution ensures the entire signing experience is controlled within your branded environment, strengthening the security of the transaction and lowering bandwidth requirements.

e-Signature can be integrated quickly to your workflow, and also have significant long-term impact to your business. Keeping the experience on-brand provides a personal experience for your members, adding convenience for when they’re unable to make it in to your credit union. Opening accounts, applying for loans, and updating common member information can be simplified, reducing manual work. All documents present perfectly, no matter what screen format your member is using, thanks to automatic sizing. To explore what this integration could mean for your credit union further, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Expensive Filing Systems are History

Sharetec Document Manager takes forms handling and storage to a new level inside the core. The days of huge filing cabinets and storage areas with hundreds of boxes of documents are gone forever.

Store all forms related to your members electronically in the core such as:
  • Loan Applications
  • Credit Reports
  • Membership Cards
  • Share Draft Agreements
  • And Much More!!
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your employees have access to all necessary documentation without leaving the core! Simply select the member number and all the documents for that member are accessed
from one location in the system. No more searching for loan folders or membership cards. Everything is at your fingertips.

Either Way, Sharetec Can Help!

When confronting the in-house or service bureau decision, bear in mind that Sharetec offers both options to meet the needs of credit unions both large and small.

One might think that if a credit union has an in-house system, a staff member must be entirely dedicated to the system’s maintenance. Years ago, this scenario was often the case - and for some of today’s systems, it’s still true! But when you explore Sharetec’s In-House System, you’ll discover a system designed to efficiently automate tasks usually only available on service bureau systems. And because Sharetec automates a variety of redundant daily tasks, your employees can focus on other responsibilities associated with your membership. Credit unions that prefer benefits such as the flexibility and controlling their own system should consider the Sharetec In-House System as their platform of choice.

Sharetec’s Service Bureau System is another platform option, and there are certainly many issues to consider when choosing a service bureau to host your core system. For instance, staffing, capitol, security, servers and backups are potential areas of concern. Thankfully, Sharetec offers a Class One Service Bureau, designed to lower your initial investment and provide you with peace of mind. This option simplifies the process and provides a sense of security and relief as the professionals at Sharetec do the “heavy lifting” - which lets your staff devote more time to members. 

As you tackle that question, just remember:  whichever choice you make, In-House or Service Bureau, the features and benefits of Sharetec are here to help your credit union reach a new level of success!

Charge Offs GBS

Credit unions are all too familiar with charge offs—loans that have been delinquent for a period of time to where they are now considered uncollectible. Once these loans are past the point of collection, they are charged off and placed on your credit union’s “back burner,” so staff can move on to completing other important tasks.

Thankfully, charge offs are kept in full view by Sharetec and their smart electronic tracking system. Sharetec ensures that all of your credit union’s charge off account information is carefully and accurately maintained for you—including your member’s loan number, balance, doubtful percent, doubtful amount, officer, loan type and reason for the charge off, as well as any important notes.

If your member does make a recovery payment, your staff can simply apply the payment to the loan via the transaction screen, similar to how you process any other loan payment. Sharetec also prepares you in the event that a member chooses to make amends and make payments with interest. Sharetec will auto-accumulate the interest on the loan record, so that you can provide your member with an accurate payoff quote. How’s that for keeping a watchful eye on things?