Thanksgiving offers the perfect opportunity to reflect upon everything that is wonderful in our lives and to show gratitude for the gifts we’ve been given. 

We at Sharetec feel fortunate to contribute in some small way to the credit union movement.  We are thankful for the 250+ credit union partners who have embraced the technology of simplicity and are using Sharetec every day to deliver world class service to their members.  

We are thankful for our longtime partners who have been with us for 20 years, 25 years and even longer.  We are also grateful that over 50 new credit unions have chosen Sharetec in the past three years and that 2021 and 2022 are shaping up to exceed our expectations. We recognize there is a crowded field attempting to earn your business and we are honored that so many have placed their faith in Sharetec. 

Although the modern credit union bears little resemblance to the credit associations of yesteryear, their core principles remain the same as credit unions continue to demonstrate that people with a common bond can organize cooperatively to provide for everyone’s financial safety and security.  We are honored and humbled to contribute to your important work and look forward to serving our loyal credit union partners for years to come. 

Happy Thanksgiving!