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Knowing your customer has long been the mantra for community-based financial institutions and credit unions, well before it became a compliance issue.  Over the past several years credit unions and other financial institutions have committed a large part of their budgets developing digital and mobile channels as a way to attract and retain members.  While financial institutions have been working diligently to meet these heightened expectations, today’s digital world has provided consumers with significantly broader access to financial services and thus, more competition for deposits and loans.

Today, credit union members are being bombarded with offers for financial products and services through all forms of digital and social media.  As credit unions and others have pushed for digital transformation with delivery channels such as ATM’s, mobile banking, remote deposit and shared branching, they have effectively pushed members out of the branches and have lost the personal interaction that necessitates “knowing” your member.  In fact, it is estimated that 75% of transactions are now being performed through digital channels and most members use a branch less than once per week on average.

With that in mind, it is critical that credit unions begin gaining insight to their members habits and relationships through these digital channels. At Sharetec, we have a variety of simple-to-use metrics, data mining and analytics tools that allow our partner credit unions to identify opportunities that drive engagement with your members to offer pre-qualified offers for financial services they are receiving from your competition.

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