A core system should do more than just process transactions and record debits and credits.  A good core will help you get to know your members, promote products and services that meet their needs and help grow your credit union. 

Sharetec’s marketing suite does all of this and more, automatically!

By establishing metrics, or benchmarks, Sharetec can identify members who qualify for rewards like loan interest rate discounts, certificate rate bonuses or reduced fees.  You can build promotions and generate personalized emails or letters, right from the core!  Sharetec even stores a copy of the correspondence in the member record.

When a qualifying member calls or comes in to your credit union, Sharetec will prompt the teller/MSR with a script so they’re comfortable engaging the member and encouraging them to take advantage of the offer.

Do you have members who primarily engage online?  They can view and monitor their credit scores right from home/mobile banking while at the same being exposed to your exclusive offers!  Sharetec can even identify loans at competing financial institutions and automatically create marketing letters and emails to help grow loans and strengthen the member relationship.    

Your members want to do all their banking with you, they just might not know it.  Sharetec can help you reach them with the right message, at the right time! 

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