25 Ann

Sharetec is pleased to announce the milestone anniversaries of five of its most esteemed business partners in 2021. Formed over a quarter century ago, these impressive partnerships remain invaluable to us and we are proud to continue to support their success:

Slippery Rock University Federal Credit Union of Slippery Rock, PA, celebrated its 25th anniversary with Sharetec in January - a great way to begin 2021!

Genesis Employees Credit Union of Zanesville, OH, is another 25-year partner, joining the Sharetec family in March of 1996.

Latrobe Federal Credit Union of Latrobe, PA, also chose to implement the Sharetec solution 25 years ago in March.

Natco Credit Union of Richmond, IN, is yet another client celebrating its 25th anniversary with Sharetec in March.

Health Care Credit Union of Oshkosh, WI, will be commemorating 25 years as a Sharetec customer in May.

We are proud of how these mutually beneficial business relationships have blossomed, helping each credit union thrive while enabling Sharetec to continually improve its innovative solution year after year.

As one of the top industry leaders in the development of credit union software, Sharetec recognizes each of these long-term customers as also being industry leaders. They have utilized the system to their advantage, greatly improving functionalities and efficiencies along the way. So, while we consider longevity a great accomplishment, we view successful longevity as even better, as proven by these stellar financial institutions.

Congratulations to each of our 25-year customers! Sharetec looks forward to continuing to support the success of its current clients and to further enhancing our solution so we can meet the needs of even more credit unions in the years ahead.