Safe DepositBoxGBS

Sharetec prides itself on offering a wide variety of advanced features and services to help credit unions and their members enjoy convenience, ease and simplicity. One such offering that many credit unions may not know about is our Safe Deposit Box feature.

If your credit union is tasked with managing safe deposit boxes, then you know that the billing can create extra work for your staff. Sharetec can help by offering additional features that will serve as a smart solution for you. With our member services, you simply define:

*Box Sizes
*Key Deposit Amounts
*Rental Amounts and
*Rental Frequencies

From there, Sharetec will handle all of the billing for you as an automatic withdrawal from a member designated share account. Sharetec will also keep track of the available inventory for you.

Sharetec wants to remind its credit unions that we are in business to make your day-to-day tasks easier. And alleviating your staff’s workload can only help enhance the success of your financial institution! So rest assured that you can continue to rely on Sharetec’s innovative features and services to provide you with the tools your credit union needs to succeed!