Now is the time for credit unions to formulate and implement a digital strategy. The Sharetec core processing platform provides all the tools and stability for a successful implementation.

For credit unions a digital strategy is about member engagement through the use of technology. It leverages online channels to present your credit union as the right financial institution for their needs. Effective social media campaigns, remote e-services, and mobile banking are all technologies found at the core of an effective digital strategy.

What is a digital strategy?
A well formulated digital strategy is a plan to use technology to streamline online services and utilize digital platforms to better communicate with members. As such credit unions should first go through a discovery phase to set goals, prioritize services, and establish an implementation schedule. Understanding gaps in remote e-services, surveying member demographics, looking over online channel usage, and assessing current technology infrastructure will all play important roles in that planning and implementation of a robust digital strategy.

Mobile and Remote Member Services
Mobile banking and remote e-services that integrate tightly into the core make up a considerable part of a digital platform.  Primary goals for credit unions to focus on should include:

     - Having a cohesive online experience through channels like home and mobile banking

     - Providing online applications for an end-to-end lending experience

     - Eservices to facilitate the signing of applications and other documents remotely

     - Having the ability to quickly and easily move external accounts to the credit union

Sharetec Does it Best
Sharetec has strategically chosen technology to better position credit unions for the shift to digital services. The Sharetec core processing platform tightly integrates with best of breed providers of lending services, remote e-Services (Remote Deposit Capture, Bill Pay, etc.), digital account switching platforms, and many others. Our flexible API is a key ingredient in extending services that will help credit unions create a digital strategy that is right for their institution and membership.