Maine Family FCU, located in Lewiston, Maine, wanted to improve their manual batch check processing. With two locations, the scanning of over-the-counter items was taking a significant amount of time to complete. The credit union wanted to eliminate the batch check process and streamline member services at the teller line.

The credit union turned to Sharetec for their solution. Sharetec’s integrated Teller Capture was an ideal solution that both automated the check scanning process and reduced the check input time at the teller line.

The two major goals were to improve speed and accuracy with our check deposits. Our new Teller Capture scanners are 99% accurate when picking up the information on the check. The old way involved one scanning machine, requiring an employee to add up the checks manually and scan them into a batch file. This was a very time consuming process, typically taking a manager away for 1-2 hours a day. Now, this is all taken care of at the teller line, allowing the manager to focus on more important issues.

Christine Clabby, COO, Maine Family FCU

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