Work from a distance

Provide your members with a more personal and comprehensive relationship with safe, reliable and secure Remote Signatures. You will be able to capture data and legally-binding signatures to make processing loans and forms more convenient for you and your members. When your members cannot make it into your credit union, you will still be able to provide the support they expect no matter where they are.

  • Improve the member experience by making it easy, fast and convenient for them to open a new account or loan.
  • Reduce manual work and eliminate errors by capturing signatures that will be sent back to your system securely.
  • Simplify member data updates and integrate with system records to automate new account setup, change of address and more.



With SIGNiX Electronic Signatures, Credit Unions can get their documents signed online while focusing on security and legality. You control where your signed documents reside, and they can be verified anytime, even offline. You have complete ownership. Members can sign on any device with an internet connection. There is no app to install and nothing to download. Tracking documents is easy and you can see the status in real-time, with dashboard access from any computer or mobile device.