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5300 Call Report Automation

In this session, attendees will review the setup of the 5300 Call Report, as well as focus on creating the 5300 file, uploading it to the NCUA, and more. 
Presenter: Ted Hoover

Sharetec Tips & Tricks
In this session, Ted unlocks his vault full of Sharetec tips and tricks to help you work smarter, not harder.  Tips & tricks span across all Sharetec workspaces.
Presenter: Ted Hoover

Audit Reporting & Security
In this session attendees will learn to use menu permissions to restrict user access to Sharetec workspace menus, as well as ways to monitor your credit union’s overrides more efficiently. 
Presenter: Lorry Bernier

Accounting 101
Budgets, custom financials, and offages – Oh my! In this session attendees will learn to simplify reporting and troubleshoot offages. 
Presenter: Audra Schoenauer

There’s a Report for That
Are you working with asset liability management and liquidity? There’s a report for that. Analyzing branch activity? There’s a report for that too. In fact, Sharetec is loaded with reports to assist with your daily credit union tasks. Join this session to see the reports you have been missing! Presenter:
Adam Shelpman

Leveraging the Core for Marketing
There are many marketing opportunities located within Sharetec and this class will guide you through them. Attendees will learn where to find these outlets and how to manipulate them to meet the credit union’s marketing needs.
Presenter: Megan Molloy

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Business Lending
Have available liquidity and looking for a way to boost return on assets? Business lending is one way to get there. Since regulators allowed CU business lending over 15 years ago it has become a nice supplement to existing business lines. Business lending may not be a good fit for every credit union - join our discussion to learn more about the Do's and Don'ts of this option. 
Presenter: Jay Malcolm

V10 Teller & Lending
Sharetec's web based application known as V10 is ready for prime time. In this session, attendees will see the Teller and Lending workspaces in action. 
Presenters: Carrie Heck and Grant Baker

Tuesday’s Roundtable
Credit Unions and Coronavirus - How We Survived and Succeeded During a Pandemic

One of the most valuable aspects of attending the Sharetec Users Conference is the opportunity to network with fellow Sharetec users from across the country and beyond. Join fellow attendees for a roundtable session to share and discuss how credit unions were affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and share valuable lessons learned and other survival tactics. (Note: This is a one-time session.) 
Moderators: Vance Lawson, Paul Stevens, Steffi Decker, and Greg McEachern

Wednesday’s Roundtable
Membership Matters - Marketing to Attract New Members

Attracting new credit union members can be a lot like online dating - look sharp, highlight your best features, and hope the potential new members don't swipe left! Join fellow attendees for this roundtable session to discuss ways credit unions can market themselves to attract new members. (Note: This is a one-time session.) 
Moderators: Vance Lawson, Steffi Decker, and Greg McEachern

Classes are subject to change without notice.



Skimming, Scammers, and Security
Across the country, skimmers and the cloned cards they produce are costing credit unions millions of dollars in fraudulent transactions, re-issued cards and damaged reputations. Understand how skimming happens and what to do when it does occur. We’ll share real world examples and short videos to demonstrate how skimmers work, how data is collected and how easy it is to clone a card from the collected data. Once a card is compromised, learn how to mitigate the risk. New card technologies in conjunction with detection systems, blocking transactions and launching transaction alerts, reduce fraud and protect accountholder information. Learn about current fraud trends and ways to fight back. (Note: This is a one-time session presented courtesy of SHAZAM.) 
Presenter: Michael Burke             

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Keeping Bill Pay Relevant in a Real-Time World
As new money movement solutions emerge, real-time is quickly becoming the standard. Bill Pay must evolve or become irrelevant. (Note: This is a one-time session courtesy of Allied Payment Network.)
Presenters: Jason Zey, Vice President and Geoffrey Knapp, Chief Growth Officer

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Credit Score and Digital Lending Trends Impact on Personalized Banking
Financial institution user expectations have shifted; personalization and transparent lending offers are now a requirement for digital engagement. Unfortunately, according to the Financial Brand, 8 in 10 financial institutions say they have very little personalized content. In this session, Chris Fraenza VP of Partnership Marketing with SavvyMoney will walk you through the evolution of consumer credit scores, pre-qualified personalized lending trends, and the power of data from SavvyMoney's Analytics platform. Come see how your institution can benefit from this growing trend.

Presenter: Andi Tonietti

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Upcoming Changes in Employee and Executive Benefits

In today’s competitive hiring environment, it is becoming more difficult and expensive for credit unions to recruit, retain, reward, and retire their best employees.  With upcoming changes in the law and regulations surrounding employee benefits and compensation, how do credit union leaders balance their employee’s needs with their financial responsibility to their members?  After compiling research from the top firms, we have the solutions that are working at the most successful credit unions and how to eliminate the rising cost of future benefits.
Presenter: David Sims, CFP®, MBA, MSA, CRPS®, AAMS®, LACP

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Are You Ready for CECL?

The countdown to CECL has officially begun! Join us as we review the path to becoming CECL compliant by 2023. In this session, we will describe what every financial institution should be doing right now to ensure that they're on track with their CECL implementation efforts. We will provide valuable insights and best practices on how to ready your data, automate your ALLL and run parallel calculations using CECL-compliant methods, and how to begin preparing for CECL audits and examinations. This session is for anyone who wants to understand how to prepare for and successfully implement CECL. 
Presenter: TBD


Personal Leadership
Join us for a discussion with Wayne Watters, author of The Psychology of Leadership.  Wayne will share his understanding of personal leadership and remind us that effective leaders can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.  He will also reveal some surprising research on engagement and the benefits of workplace friendships.  Your leadership has nothing to do with your title and instead is measured by how you inspire those around you.  (Note: This is a one-time session presented courtesy of Waypoint Advisory Services.)
Presenter: Wayne Watters

How to Prepare for Regulatory Examinations     
In this session, attendees will benefits from a step-by-step guide to regulatory exam preparation.  (Note: This is a one-time session presented courtesy of Waypoint Advisory Services.)

  • First day letters
  • Treatment of confidential supervisory information
  • MRA’s versus MRIA’s
  • Review of prior examinations
  • Cease and desist orders
  • Treatment of regulators
  • Review of policies and procedures
  • Test results
  • Training activities

Presenter: Wayne Watters

The New Agreed Upon Procedures Requirements
he NCUA regulation for minimum audit requirements is changing.  In this session, we will discuss changes, as well as how to prepare for your next exam.  (Note: This is a one-time sessions presented courtesy of Waypoint Advisory Services.) 
Presenter: Lauren Quill


What’s All the Hype About Marketing Automation?
The COVID-19 pandemic is already being called the digital accelerant of the decade. Digital channel adoption is sky-high. And your website is more important than ever. So how do you know when members and prospects might be interested in a new product if they don’t contact you? How do you nurture them towards opening that new account or applying for that loan? And who has time to do this? The real question may be, who has time to ignore this? Learn why the Financial Brand says “Marketing Automation is no longer an option for financial marketers (at any size institution). In fact, it has been an absolute must for a while now.”  (Note: This is a one-time session presented courtesy of LKCS.)
Presenter: Sid Haas

Make It Easy for Members to Borrow Online
When was the last time you prepared your taxes by filling out a 1040 form? You don’t. You most likely use software to walk you through the process with interview-style questions that personalize your tax preparation based on your unique situation. So why do you expect members to fill out a lengthy, intimidating loan application?

Our online lending platform walks each user step-by-step through the borrowing process rather than presenting a complicated application. This translates traffic into leads and completed loan applications. It is a complete solution from educating borrowers, presenting rates and payments, and answering simple questions to complete mortgage, home equity, and personal loan applications. The end result: closing more loans for your credit union.
Presenters: Sid Haas & Robb Gardner

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Epson Products for Financial Institutions

Known for their uncompromising efficiency and unparalleled expertise, the world’s leading financial institutions put their trust in Epson to deliver the industry’s most innovative and secure solutions.
Presenter: Lee Foster