Fraud Alerts

Your members can rest easy

Sharetec provides real-time fraud monitoring, issuing an alert if a fraudulent situation is revealed during a member search, transaction, new member enrollment, new share or loan opening, or batch posting. The security alerts are based on a set of fraud conditions established in the Fraud Alert control and are completely credit union-defined so that they can be adjusted to your level of need.

Thorough credit bureau integration provides an additional layer of security for members on active duty and members that have been tagged as fraud suspects. In the event of a change of address, suspicious activity will not only be reported to your credit union staff, it will also alert your members. Sharetec will automatically generate a change of address notice to be sent to the original mailing address to verify changes. Sharetec Fraud Alerts is also linked to FinCen, OFAC, and EFunds files so that qualifying member records can be flagged as needed.

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