Target Marketing


The historically important employee-member relationship is quickly disappearing due to the increase in online banking. Your question becomes, “How can I maintain my customer relationships and competitive edge?”

The solution is a personalized online customer experience. Through Sharetec’s target marketing approach, each transaction a member makes is analyzed to determine his or her hobbies, activities, life events and credit union product mix. These transactions are given tags called Key Lifestyle Indicators, or KLIs. Based on the unique blend of KLIs assigned, each member is presented a mix of qualified credit union offers that are specifically targeted to his or her needs and interests.

The result is a much higher product penetration for members, because you will get the right message to the member – at the right time. 


As a mobile engagement and rewards platform, Larky provides credit unions with a unique mobile tool free to members that allows them to receive discounts based on geo-location. Not only will this engage members, but could also grow non-interest income.

Credit Unions are viewing Larky as a brand awareness tool that allows them to not only strengthen their member relationships, but also build cross-selling capabilities in the digital age.