Cash Management

Quick, easy, accurate

By automating the routine activities of tellers and shifting their focus from cash handling, your credit union will be able to hire a different kind of employee — one whose skills are better suited to customer service and cross-selling. A lot of time is spent each day making sure that teller drawers are in balance and that cash is accounted for both physically and electronically, but Sharetec’s Cash Management streamlines vault and teller cash management so your employees can make a more valuable investment with their time.

Teller Cash Inventory
Tracking cash and coin throughout the day as it is exchanged between tellers and members requires 100% accuracy and nothing less. Balancing cash at day end is the most tedious transaction for your tellers and their single largest headache when out of balance. Teller Cash Inventory keeps a meticulous record of the specific denominations of cash and coin that has been exchanged, so when tellers are out of balance, they know exactly what denominations are missing.

Teller Cash Inventory Benefits

Vault Balancing
Most credit unions rely on a hand-written ledger kept in the vault where an employee manually enters the amounts transferred in and out. Those same entries are subsequently entered into a general ledger system. When cash is transferred to and from tellers and branch locations, this can become a challenging and frustrating task. Sharetec’s Vault Balancing automatically updates your teller drawers and the vault balance when cash is moved. You will know the exact denominations in your vault, each teller drawer, and any cash in transit between your branches or corporate credit union.

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