$77 million CU sees 500% growth in eStatement & eNotices penetration
Winnebago Community Credit Union (WCCU) in Oshkosh, WI, wanted to improve their cost savings and operational efficiencies, as well as member relations.

Before WCCU switched to Sharetec’s Auto-Enrollment, only 32% of their members were using Online Banking, and only 16% of those members were using eStatements and eNotices. There are currently 96% of WCCU’s Online Banking members using eStatements and eNotices. That is a 500% growth and an annual savings of $14,500.

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We’d like to extend “Happy Anniversary” wishes to our friends at
Kemba Delta Federal Credit Union (KDFCU) of Memphis, Tennessee. KDFCU has been successfully utilizing Sharetec since 2006, and this month marks their 10th anniversary.

As a non-profit financial institution chartered in 1934, KDFCU has been serving the financial needs of Kroger employees and their families for more than 80 years. Maintaining safety and soundness, while safeguarding member assets, is a top priority as they strive to impact the lives of their members through education, counseling, and opportunities to improve their financial well-being.

While KDFCU’s goal is to ensure a happy and rewarding experience for their members, we seek to do the same for this exceptional credit union by continuing to serve their needs well into the future.

We’d like to wish our friends at GNC Community Federal Credit Union of New Castle, Pennsylvania, a Happy “Sharetec” Anniversary! GNC has been enjoying the benefits of Sharetec since 1996, and we have happily been serving their needs for the past 20 years.

Over 70 years ago, a group of progressive Johnson Bronze Company employees planted a seed with the goal of better serving their growing membership. Thanks to hard work and dedication, the seed eventually grew, developed, and progressed into the formation of the present-day GNC―and we are proud to have been able to contribute to their success.

We remain committed to providing our expertise to support GNC’s phenomenal success and look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial partnership long into the future.



POINT, CLICK, & PAY: Bill Pay their way with Allied Picture Pay
More and more consumers are making the move to mobile payments. Sharetec helps you stay ahead in the mobile market by helping you provide what your members expect from their credit union. Members simply "Point - Shoot - Pay"; Allied Picture Pay requires NO data entry and 99% of all images received are processed.

Mobile Bill Pay is projected to grow significantly and is emerging as one of the top two payment types. Visa's recent survey of Millennials aged 24 - 34 showed that in addition to using their mobile phones for passwords, work, pictures, money transfers, email, follow-up reminders, and scheduling appointments, 82% used their phones to make online payments.

Sharetec and Allied have teamed up so credit unions can offer their members more bill payment options.  Mobile Bill Pay allows members to pay any bill, anytime, anywhere, in seconds - all without having to write a check.

Benefits of Picture Pay

  • Picture Pay is easy on the user

  • Picture Pay is easy on you

  • It positions you well

  • Leads to increased customer satisfaction



Sharetec's Auto-Enrollment is a powerful solution that will cut expenses for your credit union, making your examiners happier. Credit Unions that have turned this feature on have found their members not only immediately start using the service, they stick with it so the savings can be recognized month after month with a significant impact on the credit unions bottom line expenses.

Since switching to Sharetec's Auto-Enrollment, Winnebago Community Credit Union has had a 500% growth and an annual savings of $14,500.

Sharetec's Auto-Enrollment is a unique solution from Sharetec to our customers that can make a difference for your credit union and your members. Call us today for more information!