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Guest Blogger, Ann Wildman with ADM Credit Union

Everyday presents new opportunities to learn and grow. Unfortunately, last October we discovered an employee theft situation that was started by enrolling a member in home banking with a valid email created by the former employee. The theft was not discovered until the member brought it to our attention that he had not received a statement in a while, and informed us that he never enrolled in online banking. Your employees have access to all of a member’s information to enroll them unknowingly. I was stunned at how this began and developed. 

We now have a Results report scheduled weekly for our home banking enrollments. We verify with our members that they indeed enrolled, and if they have any questions. This actually has been a very positive procedure as we have spun it into a marketing interaction versus just an audit verification. I delegate a different employee to make the phone calls each week. If we are unable to contact the member a letter is mailed. We did have one member that insisted he never enrolled in online banking only to find out that his wife, who is a joint account owner, had enrolled. We also have had members ask questions or need help with setting up alerts or downloading the mobile banking app.

While we are a small credit union and can contact all of the members who enrolled, a larger credit union could verify with a percentage of new enrollees or whatever their audit department suggests. Our supervisory committee members also added this to their list of items they check on a periodic basis. So, our problem last fall ended up being a great marketing and member experience opportunity for our credit union in addition to adding this to internal audit procedures. Even our outside audit firm has added this to their items they review at all of their client credit unions. Hopefully sharing our experience and change in procedures may deter this from happening at another institution.

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When your members enroll in Sharetec’s Easy Saver Program, they can increase their savings with each debit transaction they make. When they make a purchase, their transaction will be rounded to the nearest dollar and the difference is added to their savings account.

Landmark Credit Union has been promoting Sharetec’s Easy Saver Program, or as they call it, “Round Up” savings, to members for many years and use the term “throwing your loose change in a jar” to increase enrollment. Anna, Vice President of Landmark Credit Union comments below.

“We have a simple statement on our debit card application that allows our members to select the program when applying for a new debit card. This gives us the opportunity to cross-sell this option to our members.”

Sharetec’s Easy Saver Program makes a great marketing tool to promote savings to your members and allows your credit union’s card to become top of wallet. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today and offer your members a savings plan they can't refuse. Pennies saved become dollars made!

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Sharetec works with a variety of 3rd party vendors.
Do you know which ones are available to your members?

Popular integrations include: Debit Card Providers, Credit Card providers, Bill Pay/iPay, NADA, Check Systems, Credit Bureaus, Remote Deposit Capture, Shared Branching, Statement Providers, eSign Providers, PFM Partners… and more!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today for more information.



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To get the most out of the Sharetec Users Conference, attendees can take advantage of a full schedule of break-out sessions, hands-on labs, and roundtable discussions (up to 22 hours), which offer countless business insights and best practices. The value of exchanging thoughts, networking, and talking with Sharetec experts is nearly unlimited all 3 days.

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How many times have you cringed at the thought of sending another paper check for processing? Why not distance yourself from traditional paper by implementing Sharetec’s Check 21 solution? Check 21 enables your credit union to quickly and safely transmit electronic check images, which are immediately available to your staff from any workstation. 

As you can imagine, Check 21 significantly improves your credit union’s daily processes. And the Check 21 electronic process is protected and secured through Sharetec’s character recognition software, which performs both Courtesy Amount Recognition and Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR) on all scanned items.

Check 21 enables your credit union to:

  • Maximize efficiency

  • Reduce costs

  • Improve member service

  • Re-allocate valuable human resources to other areas

The Sharetec Check 21 solution is certified for all aspects of The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, commonly referred to as Check 21, including clearing receipt, transmission of outgoing cash letter to multiple end points and exception/return processing.

Ease frustrations by eliminating the archaic paper check processing of yesteryear—and start providing your staff with the tools they need to retrieve, view and answer member inquires right from their desks with Check 21.