The 2016 Annual Users Sharetec Conference turned out to be our best conference yet! Thank you to everyone who attended, we hope to see you next year!

Please take a moment to fill out the 2016 Conference Survey below. There will be a drawing on October 14th, 2016 to win two free nights at the JW Marriott in New Orleans for the 2017 Users Conference. Anyone who completes this survey before Thursday, October 13th, 2016 will be entered into the drawing.

2016 Annual Users Conference Survey

Next year’s conference will take place in New Orleans at the JW Marriott on September 18th-20th, 2017. Register before October 31st, 2016 for Early Bird pricing. Visit to register today, or email Carrie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Sharetec can provide you the tools you need to bring opportunity to your credit union. Changing your core provider can be a challenge, but it doesn't require you to abandon what is comfortable to you and your employees.

• Time savings will shift focus of CU's top priority due to built-in efficiencies

• Build an ROI to see where the new core will subsidize the monthly expense

• Enhance office operations with faster and more accurate workflows

If you are interested in receiving a custom ROI with the Sharetec System, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more about what Sharetec can do for your credit union.

doc manager
Sharetec Document Manager
takes forms handling and storage to a new level of efficiency! The days of painfully sifting through filing cabinets and storage areas with mountains of boxed documents will be long gone, once you gain access to the core!

With Sharetec Document Manager, you’ll be able to electronically store in the core all of your member-related forms and documents including:

  • Loan Applications

  • Credit Reports

  • Membership Cards

  • Share Draft Agreements

  • And so much more!!

Everything will be at your fingertips with Sharetec Document Manager, which provides easy retrieval of documents without ever leaving the core! By simply selecting the member number, you’ll be able to access every document for that member, from one location in the system—without having to search for loan folders or membership cards!


ultimate checking recolor
Sharetec’s Ultimate Checking allows credit unions to boost their revenue with an increase in interchange income. Ultimate Checking is a unique product that differentiates credit unions from competitors and doubles revenue compared to a standard share draft account. Not only will this product attract new members, current members will embrace it.

"Our debit card revenue grew 19% our first year and over 27% our second year. We have enjoyed 7% growth in checking accounts directly tied to this service, which has lead to more loans and other services." Daryl Empen, Gas & Electric Credit Union

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car calculator

Indirect Lending is a Sharetec add-on that allows credit unions to manage loan referrals from local auto dealers (or other third parties) and pay commissions on these referrals.

When loans are referred from the dealership, they are added to the dealer during the application process. Commissions and charge backs are calculated for all loans during monthly reporting.

When the credit union is ready to pay commissions – typically at the end of the month – multiple reports are available to help calculate the amounts due. For example, the Monthly Commission Update and Monthly Dealer Statements reports accurately determine the commission and chargeback amounts due. Credit unions can also provide detailed dealer statements by running the Request Dealer Statements report.

The bullet points below illustrate this process:

  • Sharetec staff verifies the initial setup for the Indirect Lending

  • Dealer Information and Commission rate are added to the Admin Workspace – typically by the credit union

  • Once setup is complete, credit union staff can begin processing third-party loan applications

  • When loan applications are entered into Sharetec, the Dealer # is added to each application in order to identify which dealer receives credit

  • Credit union runs Daily Dealer report – manually or automatically – to update the dealer records

  • At month end, the credit union runs the Monthly Commission Update report to update all dealer records - This report calculates total commission and chargeback amounts for each dealership

  • To complete the monthly process, the credit union generates dealer commission checks and updates appropriate GL’s by running the Request Dealer Statements report

  • Finally, the credit union must amortize pre-paids to expense out any commissions paid that month