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Through ProPay, Sharetec offers credit unions an online portal that is secure, user-friendly and affordable. This is a great solution for members who are increasingly mobile and demand the use of technology to perform their financial transactions.

"We process an average of 21 transactions each day on non- Laramie Plains FCU debit cards and credit cards. Before using ProPay with its tight integration to Sharetec, this was a manual process handled mainly by front-line staff over the phone. The time saved is now focused on building deeper relationships with members," comments Tyler Valentine, President of Laramie Plains FCU.

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Provide members with a more personal and comprehensive relationship with safe, reliable and secure Remote Signatures.

   * Improve Member Experience

   * Reduce Manual Work

   * Simplify Member Data Updates

How about SIGNiX Electronic Signatures? Get your documents signed online while focusing on security and legality.

Do you have any core system success stories?
Sharetec continues to help credit unions improve their growth and member satisfaction. Below are just a couple of Sharetec Credit Union success stories.

Two CUs Increase Yearly Income by $25,000

CU Increases Revenue 27% with Ultimate Checking

If you're interested in receiving a custom ROI with the Sharetec System, contact us today and find out why Sharetec's Credit Union base has increased 67% in the past 15 years.

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…Goodbye, Messy Filing Cabinets and Storage Areas!

Take forms handling and storage to a new level of efficiency with Sharetec Document Manager. With this feature in place, you’ll be able to say goodbye to stacks of boxed documents, overstuffed filing cabinets and jam-packed storage areas, and hello to convenience, efficiency and savings of both time and money!

With Sharetec Document Manager, you’ll be able to electronically store in the core all of your member-related forms and documents including:

  • Loan Applications

  • Credit Reports

  • Membership Cards

  • Share Draft Agreements

  • And so much more!!

Sharetec Document Manager provides easy retrieval of documents without ever leaving the core. By simply selecting the member number, you’ll be able to access every document for that member, from one location in the system—without having to search for loan folders or membership cards!

Sharetec Document Manager will enable you to:

    • Save the expense of off-site storage
    • Immediately access documents
    • Eliminate the need to make multiple copies of documents for different departments
    • Reduce the amount of time spent filing/retrieving documentation
    • Easily and immediately reprint copies of signed documents
    • Centralize member documentation into one convenient location

Imagine the convenience, efficiency and savings your Credit Union can enjoy, with everything accessible from the core and literally at your fingertips. It’s time to say hello to Sharetec Document Manager!


Sharetec’s Auto-Enrollment allows credit unions to provide their members an easy to use, secure and user-friendly option to view and print eStatements and eNotices from the convenience of any device with internet access.

Winnebago Community Credit Union (WCCU) in Oshkosh, WI, has had great success with Sharetec’s Auto-enrollment. Tony Tiede, President of WCCU, comments, "We pride ourselves on our sales and service culture. The benefit to our members is a secure and timely receipt of their statements. We have benefited by saving money due to the lower cost of the electronic delivery".

Before WCCU switched to Sharetec’s Auto-Enrollment, only 32% of their members were using Online Banking, and only 16% of those members were using eStatements and eNotices. There are currently 96% of WCCU’s Online Banking members using eStatements and eNotices. That is a 500% growth and an annual savings of $14,500.

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