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Sharetec would like to thank all those who completed the 2017 Sharetec Users Conference Survey. Each participant was entered into a drawing to win two free nights at the Marriott Rivercenter, the beautiful location for the 2018 Sharetec Users Conference. We couldn’t be happier for our winner, Joette Walter of Elite Community Credit Union—congratulations, Joette!

Following the success of last year’s Users Conference, Sharetec is thrilled to be in the midst of planning our 2018 Sharetec Users Conference! The event will be held from September 17-19, 2018, in the colorful city of San Antonio, Texas, at the Marriott Rivercenter. This conference provides an excellent opportunity for credit unions to gather together to discuss enhancements, new features, upgrades, and so much more. 

Attendees will have plenty of “Texas-sized” opportunities ahead of them, including the chance to:

  • Participate in workshops and training sessions featuring topics relevant to their needs and interests;

  • Meet the Sharetec Support Team;

  • Test-drive new Sharetec offerings in our hands-on-labs;

  • Network with other Sharetec users; and

  • Learn from a dedicated group of credit union-related speakers and business partners who will share their fresh ideas and products to help grow memberships and develop business strategies.

Be prepared to say “howdy!” to an incredible experience of learning and engagement, all designed to help you take your credit union to the next level.



With Sharetec’s eNotices module, members receive their information faster than they would through traditional mail, providing them easy access to notices, letters and other correspondence related to their account. Members "First" Community Credit Union saves big money on postage expenses, as well as additional savings from envelopes, paper, ink, folding, and staff time.

Since Members "First" Community Credit Union started using Sharetec’s eNotices module, they have reduced their monthly expenses $975.00.

Average monthly savings from eNotices:

Postage $700.00
Envelopes $ 86.00
Paper $ 9.00
Staff (saves 45 min./day) $180.00
TOTAL $975.00 x 12 = $11,700.00 Annual Savings

Teri McEwen, CEO of Members "First" Community Credit Union, remarked, "We appreciate the fact that Sharetec continually adds new products like eNotices. One of our goals is to keep up with the larger financial players in our market, and the eNotices module gives us that opportunity, which has proven to be a great success for our credit union."

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For most credit unions, uninterrupted connectivity is crucial to their strategic position in the financial marketplace. And such a predicament can translate to a real disaster for a credit union, one that could have been averted with preparation and the backing of a strong core solution.

With Sharetec’s Offline Processing feature, your credit union can continue to service its members in the midst of challenging connectivity issues. Betsy Rhynes, President of Streator Community Credit Union, comments, “After a day without internet I can’t say enough positive things in regards to Offline Processing. It made what could have been a real disaster much easier to handle.”

Benefits of Sharetec’s Offline Processing Feature:

  • When the connection to the system is down, your staff can continue to perform transactions for members.

  • Even in an offline environment, employees will be able to view members’ balances so excessive cash disbursement is prevented.

  • Once the connection to the Sharetec server is reestablished, then all those off-line transactions post without the employees having to rekey the data.

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We’d like to say “Happy Anniversary” to our loyal friends at Cadets Federal Credit Union (CFCU). With two locations in Elma and Buffalo, New York, CFCU is proud of its service to its growing membership and of their long history. In 1899, Buffalo’s Assumption Parish Church was 11 years old. There, a group of young Polish men started to gather in the church basement to read the few available Polish newspapers, which led to their formation of the Polish Cadet Society. From this group evolved several Polish organizations – the most important being the Polish Cadets Federal Credit Union. The modern-day credit union was founded in 1950 by the small businessmen of the Black Rock community, which included a baker, a florist and many factory workers. In February 2009, they changed their name to Cadets Federal Credit Union.

This month marks the 5th anniversary of CFCU’s successful utilization of Sharetec, and we’re pleased with how our core processing solution has helped them enhance their productivity and efficiency and boost their customer service. 

Today, CFCU’s membership is at 800+ and growing, and their assets are in excess of $12 million. CFCU has been fortunate to offer its members a wide range of products and services, and they are very proud of their financial stability, steady growth, superior leadership and dedicated staff. We at Sharetec look forward to continuing to support their success and seeing them grow to even greater heights.


Sure you would.


What forward thinking credit union doesn't pay attention to ROI? Sharetec's credit unions generate more non-interest income, productivity and credit union growth - resulting in a better ROI.

Sharetec understands that core system today must provide return on investment. We take the time to listen and understand your technology goals for today and the future. We exceed your credit union needs and deliver unparalleled support so you can focus on the needs of your members.

If you are ready to find out what your custom ROI will be, contact us today and find out how Sharetec's credit union base has increased 67% since 2000.