When adding a relationship record (relations tab in central information), it is important to remember to fill out all address and contact information. Some programs in Sharetec look to those records in order to print that information in reports and forms. To use the data in an existing member record, click the look button next to the Joint Member # field to search for the member account to fill in many of the fields in the relation record.

If you offer a promotional CD rate and/or want to automatically convert a CD to another type at maturity, go to the Administration Workspace and update the CD type in Share Products.  Set the renewal code to Convert and set the Convert Type to the CD product that you want to change to.  At maturity, the CD posting program will renew the CD to the new type with a new CD number.

International ACH transactions (IAT) will show on the ACH Preprocessing report (on the 4th stream) and will not automatically post until marked to do so. After doing the appropriate OFAC check and making the decision to post, go to ACH Workspace/ACH Processing/Items.  Then, right click on the IAT and select Properties – ACH Hold.  On the ACH Hold tab, look for the new “Post Hold” field and change the response to blank.  The next time you run ACH processing this transaction will post automatically.

Today’s Tip: To access the archived files, go to the appropriate folder (YYMM) in the bottom browse to see the statement files. Right click for options to print, view, or remove files from the archive.