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Sharetec’s Tiered Courtesy Pay feature gives credit unions more flexibility in helping their members when it comes to overdrafts while allowing them to setup granular risk-based fee structures. Members who frequently overdraw their accounts pose a higher risk to the credit union, and thus should pay a higher fee then those members who occasionally overdraw their accounts.

Teri McEwen, CEO of Members "First" Community Credit Union, remarks, “We have offered traditional courtesy pay for awhile, but when we switched to Sharetec’s Tiered Courtesy Pay, our income increased by 11% and members love the flexibility of the program.”

With Tiered Courtesy Pay, members receive free or discounted overdrafts at first, then the fee gradually increases the more the member uses the service. The end result of implementing a Tiered Courtesy Pay feature is a fee structure that is fair to both the credit union and the member.

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members first

With Sharetec’s eNotices module, members receive their information faster than they would through traditional mail, providing them easy access to notices, letters and other correspondence related to their account. Members “First” Community Credit Union saves big money on postage expenses, as well as additional savings from envelopes, paper, ink, folding, and staff time.

Average monthly savings from eNotices:

Postage $700.00
Envelopes $ 86.00
Paper $ 9.00
Staff (saves 45 min./day) $180.00
TOTAL $975.00 x 12 = $11,700.00 Annual Savings

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Sharetec Metrics give credit unions the power to create specific member groups with common product usage or characteristics. By focusing in on Metrics, Sharetec credit unions have the opportunity to generate revenue by influencing member behavior.

What is a “Metric”?

Metrics are pieces of member information that are important to credit unions. Metrics like Age, eAlerts usage, enrollment in eStatements, and ATM/Debit card adoption are all important pieces of information that a credit union can use to categorize their member base into specific groups. Credit unions can then leverage these groups by pulling reports, creating cross-selling and rewards programs, and sending specific marketing emails or text messages directly to individuals.

Sharetec Metrics are powerful tools because:

  • The Sharetec core automatically tracks all metrics within the system

  • Credit unions can choose any type of parameter for each metric, dramatically increasing the size and scope of data available

  • Send relevant promotions and updates directly to members using Sharetec integrated email and SMS templates, encouraging participation in the cooperative

  • Combine multiple metrics to create effective cross-selling campaigns and rewards programs that generate revenue for the credit union

Metrics form the foundation of the Sharetec Marketing and Ultimate Rewards programs. By utilizing these data points, Sharetec credit unions can increase their success rate of cross-selling promotions and enhance other Sharetec products. One credit union in Illinois used metrics with the Sharetec Ultimate Checking module resulting in an increase of debit card interchange revenue by 20 percent.

Ask your local Sharetec representative for more information on Sharetec Metrics!



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As we begin the New Year, we would like to offer our sincere wishes for all the best to you in the months ahead. Rest assured that Sharetec will remain committed to offering its robust and far-reaching core data processing solution, along with excellence in service and support, to ensure optimal success for our Credit Union clients. May 2019 bring abundant health, happiness and prosperity!

For most credit unions, uninterrupted connectivity is crucial to their strategic position in the financial marketplace. And such a predicament can translate to a real disaster for a credit union, one that could have been averted with preparation and the backing of a strong core solution. With Sharetec’s Offline Processing feature, your credit union can continue to service its members in the midst of challenging connectivity issues.


Betsy Rhynes, President of Streator Community Credit Union, comments, "After a day without internet I can’t say enough positive things in regards to Offline Processing. It made what could have been a real disaster much easier to handle."


Brian Winchester, VP IT, at Ball State FCU, suggests every credit union should have Offline Processing. "We have seen a huge national network scale in Denial of Service attacks recently. Long term outages outside the scope of anything Sharetec, or your ISP can protect against. Ideally, your data will be safe behind firewalls and onsite security measures, but if you can’t access your data, you will have some serious issues helping your members. Offline processing will help guarantee that you can service your members during these times."

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