Guest Blogger: Kathryn Bianga, Great Lakes First Federal Credit Union Marketing Coordinator/Human Resources

3 Steps to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Think about all the ads you see in one day: the logo on your coffee mug, the billboards on your way to work, the ads all over your Facebook page, the ads that play when you watch video streaming services…

These mentions are merely the large, noticeable ads that you encounter in a day! There are hundreds of other advertising methods the brain is subjected to leave a mark on your subconscious mind without you even realizing it.

With all of this advertising “clutter,” the question is how to differentiate and stand out. For a credit union, the concept goes even deeper: how do you stand out AND make your services seem enticing enough to convert strangers into members?

Define Your Target Market…Then Meet Them Where They’re At.

Before you can market successfully, you have to know WHO you are sending the message to. It’s true that the same type of marketing isn’t going to work on everyone. Your 18-25 age group is less likely to respond to a radio ad, the same way your 30-45 age group is less likely to respond to Twitter ads! Take a look at your member demographics to determine where the need to build membership is. Who should you be targeting with your marketing?

When you can define a target market, think about their interests. What do they do? How do they spend their free time? What platforms are they using for news, work, and entertainment? Take advantage of this information. Post your content on channels that you know your target market uses to ensure it gets visibility from the right person, at the right time.

Use Social Media for Engagement

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great ways to build a following and spread important news and updates to mass quantities…but your posts won’t mean as much as they’re receiving little to no engagement. Engagements and post clicks show how attractive, helpful, and intriguing your content is. Use social media ‘insight’ tools to see which posts receive the most clicks and shares. Try to model your future posts around your most successful ones.

Plan your posts carefully. Don’t post mindlessly without a plan or bombard your followers (one post a day is usually sufficient!) Fewer, more impactful posts that are well written and concise will have more of an effect on your audience than multiple, grammatically incorrect posts.

Lastly, use calls to action. ASK your friends and followers to engage with content, whether it’s by liking, commenting, sharing, or tagging. Tell them to click your helpful links or visit your website for more information. The more your followers engage with a post, the more visibility and reach it creates – getting your name out to more prospective members.

Create Helpful Content

Today’s audiences, especially millennials, are tuning out interruptive ads. They don’t want to be bombarded with displays of why your institution is the best among its competitors. In reality, they want to be helped, and they want to learn. Try to create educational content that helps your members (and potential members) solve problems. Consider starting a financial blog to cover real-world topics. Open up discussions on your social media channels for people to ask questions and submit topics. Create member surveys to see what areas your members want to learn more about, then create from there.

This helpful, informative marketing method can be credited to Hubspot, the creators of Inbound Marketing. To learn more about inbound methodologies and best practices, you can even become Inbound Certified free of charge, thanks to Hubspot!

By following these tactics, you can get on the road to a more progressive marketing strategy. It’s a process that will take time to carry out. Engagement doesn’t happen overnight, but slowly and surely, the more you’ll be ensured that when people do need services, you’ll be top of mind.  

Despite the difficult economic environment, the increasing number of CU mergers, and the mega companies buying up many of the core processors, Sharetec stands out in the crowd for continued growth and technology.

Growth Image1767% growth in spite of all those factors is a real success story and we have our customers to thank.

    * Delivering new Non-Interest Income
      streams without feeing your members

    * 9.26 average Customer Satisfaction Rating

    * Under 4 minute Response Time

If you are interested in receiving a custom ROI with the Sharetec System, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our Regional Managers will be in touch.

Check Reconciliation Harmony Image1

With summer in full bloom, most of us are seeking a little peace and tranquility, which is what we expect when we plan a trip to a relaxing beach or a serene outdoor setting. Yet did you know that Sharetec helps Credit Unions provide a harmonious, stress-free environment to their members, thanks to the innovative software’s many features and benefits?

For instance, Sharetec’s Check Reconciliation feature provides a simple solution for members to achieve a harmonious balance with their checking accounts. With this feature in check, the “status” and “cleared date” fields are auto-updated for each check, based on a file that includes all cleared items sent by your corporate or local bank. The ease and accuracy of this process brings any discrepancies in your member’s account to your immediate attention.

The simplicity, automation and accuracy of Sharetec’s Check Reconciliation feature are sure to bring harmony to your members, who will continue to look to your Credit Union for easy, breezy financial management assistance.



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Refer A Credit Union
to Sharetec and we will send you a delicious box of chocolates from Daniela's. If the credit union purchases the Sharetec system within 6 months, we will send you a $500 Visa Gift Card and enter you into a drawing to win your choice of a MacBook Pro or a Microsoft Surface Pro at the end of the following year.   

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Automated Leanding Tool Image

A common challenge often faced by Credit Unions involves the loan decision process, which can be difficult to navigate for even the most seasoned lenders. To assist in this challenge, Sharetec offers Automated Lending to help financial institutions sail smoothly through rough waters and simplify their most critical loan decisions.

Sharetec’s Automated Lending tool—used in conjunction with Sharetec’s loan application—has been dubbed by many to be the perfect tool for instituting and streamlining lending parameters and guidelines. It auto-generates loan approval or denial based on up to 11 pre-established and weighted criteria. As data relating to debt and income is recorded, factors including debt ratios and disposable income are auto-calculated for the loan applicant and co-applicant.

Sharetec’s Risk Based Pricing module can be incorporated into the Automated Lending tool to make the decision process even easier. Credit Unions using this automated pricing module can adjust a borrower’s interest rate based on risk level, using their own custom-created risk pricing adjustments, which are auto-applied based on loan type. The customized pricing adjustments can be based on a singular factor such as credit score, to several factors including debt ratios, employment history and delinquency.

With such automation and customization, Sharetec’s Automated Lending tool can very well mean smooth sailing ahead for your Credit Union’s loan department.