2019 Sharetec Users Conference Education Topics will be added at a later date.

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Innovative, simple, reliable, secure, and economical…what’s not to love?  In this session attendees will see how debit cards can be printed hassle-free at the Credit Union using Card@Once.     
Presenters: Joel Porter and Russ Van Dyke

Common Mistakes: A to Almost Z
Have you ever done something so many times that it becomes automatic, but then your mind draws a blank and your mouse goes rogue?  In Common Mistakes: A to Almost Z, we won't cover the entire alphabet, but we will address numerous common mistakes users make in Sharetec and provide helpful suggestions for each.        
Presenter: Ted Hoover

Dashboards (Advanced level workshop)
Paradise by the dashboard…hold on, wrong dashboard!  In this course former credit union CEO and current Quality Analyst, Greg Rowlett, will introduce you to dashboard reports and demonstrate how they can be used to document your CU's financial position. 
Presenter: Greg Rowlett

Go For a Spin With V10
Go for a spin with the all new Sharetec V10!  Sit back and enjoy the ride as we cruise through the new face of Sharetec GUI!
Presenter: Rich Cook

Home Banking and Mobile Banking
The new Home Banking interface will allow members to have many services at their fingertips; check deposits, loan applications, travel notifications, lost/stolen card blocking, just to name a few. In this workshop you will learn what there is to look forward to in home banking.
Presenter: Adam Shelpman

Loan Form Mapping
The ability to update and map loan forms on your own is finally here! This session will provide an overview of this new Sharetec Add-On product.  See how users can update and map their Credit Union's loan forms with just the click of a mouse. 
Presenter: Tania Lowder

Loans: From Application to Disbursement and the Errors In-Between
It's 3 o'clock and the member will be at Credit Union in 10 minutes, but the loan you are working on won't cooperate. Panic is starting to set in and you don't know what went wrong! Does this sound familiar? In this session attendees will take a look at the loan process and various errors that prevent disbursal. 
Presenter: Gary Patterson

Menu Permissions and Security (Hands-On Lab)
For your eyes only! Your Credit Union may want various workspaces and menu options in Sharetec to be restricted for users. In this hands-on lab, users will have the opportunity to learn and practice applying the menu permissions and security features available in Sharetec.
Presenters: Kim Head and Jan Franklin

Results for the Advanced User (Advanced level workshop)
Do you find yourself beyond the basics of Results, but lacking the knowledge to create more advanced reports? If so, then this workshop is for you! In this course attendees will learn to search by keywords, join tables, add calculations, and much more!  
Presenter: Joel Porter

Reversal Remedies for Sticky Situations
It's likely happened to your credit union at some time, a user performs a reversal and now it has become your nightmare to fix. This session will cover a variety of reversal situations and provide a best-practice approach for each. 
Presenter: Greg Rowlett

5300 Call Report Automation (Advanced level workshop)
In this session, attendees will review the setup of the 5300 Call Report, as well as focus on creating the 5300 file, uploading it to the NCUA, and more.
Presenter: Ted Hoover

Please note: Workshops and presenters are subject to change without notice.